e-learning solutions

Companies that implement training programs based on e-learning to develop the talent of their employees are ever more. The e-learning is no longer presented as a future option but as a real and global solution with tangible benefits for both the company and the employee.

The questions that the manager might have do not refer to the suitability of the e -learning, but concern doubts about how and when to incorporate it into the business strategy.

In Netpartner we have the answers and we will accompany you throughout all the process to ensure the success of your e-learning solution, from the needs assessment phase and the design of the solution until the implementation, control and monitoring of the project.

As a company with extensive experience in training consulting and e-learning projects management, we offer a complete service to any company wishing to implement or consolidate an e-learning solution providing absolutely everything that is needed:

  • e-learning platform.
  • Catalog content.
  • Customized content.
  • Authoring tool.
  • Services.

e-learning platform

LearningCentral platform is specifically designed to manage and administer the entire company training due to its huge potential, variety of features, ease of use and rapid integration.

It allows the management of face-to-face training and e -learning in a unified manner, facilitating the construction of blended learning scenarios that combine the e-learning advantages together with the traditional way of training.

It is a space designed so that both students and trainers, tutors and training managers get the most out of their investment, provided with all the tools and necessary resources to do so: training schedules, reporting, training modules, videoconferences, tests and evaluation...

All the aforementioned facilities are organized together with an elegant and attractive design, which can also be customized and adapted to the corporate image of your organization, reaching a pleasant user experience for your employees while matching the rest of your business tools.

Catalog content

Our catalog content offer includes more than 500 titles continuously updated and designed to improve and enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals.

We are provided with different courses organized by knowledge areas:

  • Skills.
  • Computing.
  • Marketing.
  • Finance and business management.
  • Languages
  • Legal rules
  • Other courses

However, we offer an interesting and modern catalog about training pills or knowledge units presented by collections and that can be contracted either individually or as a complement to our courses thanks to its modularity:

  • Deusto’s collection: taking advantage of Deusto’s large experience in skills training, different titles focused on the development of personal and social skills have been created along with some business professionals and teachers.
  • La Salle’s collection: collection designed to improve the personal dimension that sustains the work of each professional. Recognized experts from the business world have collaborated in the development of these titles, which offer you important topics that define your business future.
  • Experts collection: essential titles to understand the potential of business 2.0 tools, from how to develop a social media strategy to how to use in a better way the knowledge and performance of your employees through collaborative environments.
  • Video Arts ‘collection: a collection full of talent, focused on the business world, to learn in an effective and funny way with the best of the training videos currently available on the market, featuring professional actors and personalities.
  • NetBiblo’s collection: books selection with the best content of management, leadership and finance to which your professionals will be able to access from any device.

Customized content

We are provided with the technology and equipment needed to develop, in a rapid and economically competitive way, any customized content for your business training.

  • Contents for product technical training.
  • Internal processes training.
  • Accommodation plans.
  • Software applications training.
  • And much more.

Direct benefits for your company and employees:

  • To be provided with 100% customized contents with a versatile, upgradable and economic format.
  • To create an exclusive collection of e-learning contents for your company.
  • To always have your contents updated.
  • To spread knowledge in a rapid and agile way.
  • To recycle and digitalize the materials used for the face-to-face trainings.
  • To be able to access to the contents at any time from any device.
  • To train through a useful content showing the matters efficiently and easily.

¿How our “customized contents” are?

  1. Instructional design: our experts will carry out a pedagogical analysis of the contents in order to convert them into a multimedia format.
  2. Graphic and multimedia resources: we can incorporate many graphic and multimedia elements (video, audio, animations, powerpoint presentations, pdf, interactive elements...) always adapting them to the needs and budget of each company.
  3. Testing and assessment: exams and assessment tests in each of the contents developed to assess the degree of assimilation of concepts.
  4. Compatibility and multi-device: contents developed in HTML5 with "Responsive Design" in a specific way that make them compatible with any market standard LMS and reproducible on any computer and mobile device (iPad, iPhone and Android Phones and tablets).

Authoring tool

The authoring tool learningMaker allows our customers to create and edit, independently, visually and lightly, high pedagogical and technological quality e-learning contents.

You can create different types of contents (from full courses to short-term training pills) and upload them to CMS, LMS, Google Play or Apple App Store from any Web browser without installing any software as it works directly from the cloud.

Contents can be published in different formats (SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC, APK or Tin Can API) and, using HTML5 technology and "Responsive Design" techniques, they fully adapt to the device from where they are being displayed (Smartphone, tablet, or PC).